David Victory is a top-tier fashion photographer in Los Angeles who works with a wide variety of clients in the industry, including designers, brands, advertising agencies, editors, and e-commerce platforms (check out his portfolio at Two White Cyc Studios). For professional fashion photography in Los Angeles and Orange County with a seasoned team and top-tier California models, send your garments to the vrset Fashion District studio at 90015 Wilshire Boulevard.Customers from outside of Los Angeles may simply ship their orders to my studios, where I’ll personally see to it that they get cast as the ideal models and schedule my staff of stylists, makeup artists, hair artists, and assistants to get the job done as quickly as possible.Even though Ecommerce photography is a crucial aspect of your online fashion empire, it is best placed as the very last image a buyer sees before clicking the “add to cart” button. Please read on…My equipment and crew have a designated space within a local business, which serves as my base camp in high-traffic locations. Since I never embark on a shoot with fewer than ten 600-class speedlites, I always have at least one, and often two, female assistants present at each Look Book session. One of these assistants may remain at base camp while the other carries a camera gear bag and two of the speedlites.Depending on the number of looks and garments I plan to shoot for a Look Book session, I may also bring along one of my makeup artists. This is especially helpful when working with clients from Los Angeles; I always welcome the chance to have an extra set of eyes on the model.Even though it takes careful organization to pull off, Look Book shoots are completely unorganized and unscripted. The use of female helpers begs the question, why? Because we are out on the streets walking and shooting, and because they are experts in hair, cosmetics, and style, we would rather not seem like a major professional team.