Business owners, C-level executives, and investors may be able to cut down on the time and energy spent on financial research and modeling by using eFinancialModels. Our users will have access to a central repository where Excel templates developed by industry-specific financial modeling experts may be freely shared. Use of these Excel financial models is common practice when doing due diligence for a firm valuation, investment study, capital raising, or merger and acquisition. The ideal approach to making a financial spreadsheet is to use a good template as a basis for your own work.  By design, our financial model worksheets are extensive case studies of financial models. eFinancialModels provides a wide selection of Excel financial model templates that are categorized by business type. Building a financial model that incorporates reliable financial projections may require much work. We aim to meet the needs of users such as C-level executives, company owners, and investors by providing a central location for a wide range of industry-specific Excel financial forecasting model templates. Professional financial planners create the planning templates used in financial modeling. A time- and effort-saving solution that makes use of standard industry and financial modeling methods is to utilize an Excel template for financial projections.